Clash of Heights! The tallest men in Nigeria meet (Photos)

A male model who has been feeling fly about himself with the record of being the tallest male model in Nigeria has seen his bubble busted when he actually met the tallest man in the country.

The tallest model and the tallest man

The tallest male model in Nigeria, Bakare Mubarak, has on Tuesday, met with the tallest man in the country, Agoro in a clash of heights captured on camera in the commercial city of Lagos.

42-year-old Agoro, who is allegedly the tallest Man in Nigeria is about 7 inches taller than 21-year-old Bakare, as he is 7’4 while Bakare is 6’8.

The two got together to begin work on some projects that will benefit the populace. The project will be unveiled in the coming weeks with a short documentary also in the works that will debut on Mubarak’s YouTube page.

see more photos:

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