Product 1: Breast Feeding Cover

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Because no woman should have to choose between nursing her child and modesty, these nursing cover is the perfect way to cover up while breastfeeding. Breastfeeding on the go and public places made easier with our nursing covers. Nursing covers from Che Ashira  gives both mother and baby their much needed privacy. Our nursing covers are made from comfortable materials and are generously sized with adjustable straps to fit in properly thereby creating a warm atmosphere for both mother and baby….Read More

Product #2:  CERELAC® Wheat

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A wheat base infant cereal with milk for complementary feeding of babies from 6 months. CERELAC® Wheat is fortified to cover the high nutritional needs of babies at the critical age of   rapid growth and development….Read More

Product #3 Pure Baby Rice Cereal 4-6months – 120g

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Unlike Adult cereals, Cow and Gate cereals contain no added sugar or salt and provide 6 of your baby’s key daily vitamins and minerals per bowl. Read More

Product #4 Nasal Aspirator/mucus Sucker

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this nasal aspirator/mucus or running nose sucker is a gentle suction tool action which is very safe for all baby age starting from a day old baby to toddler etc.Read More

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